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Elder Reginald Gillespie - Assistant Pastor


Reginald Gillespie was born the 6th child of 11 children to the union of Ausbie and Clara Gillespie. On October 13, 1963 his parents were baptized in Jesus name at the Victory Apostolic Faith Church 6317 S Carpenter St. in Chicago, IL by the late, Bishop Dr. Reese Price Jr. They were filled with the tongue talking Holy Ghost shortly thereafter.

Reginald Gillespie was born on September 27, 1962 and was baptized at the old Victory church at an early age in the name of Jesus Christ. Years later, he was filled with the gift of the Holy Ghost on June 6, 1979.
Reginald was introduced to Christ by his parents who were introduced to Christ by their best friends, Brother Noble Nettlesbey and Sister Rosie Nettlesbey of Victory Apostolic Faith Church.

Through the Victory Apostolic Faith Church he met Susie Smallwood, whom he

courted the Apostolic way, for numerous years. On November 28, 1987 he

married Susie Smallwood and through this union they have three children

Sierra Arlease, Reginald Lemont and Ramus Lemuiel.
I thank GOD for my wife and kids.  At our household we love to spend quality

time together by laughing, eating and watching movies. Sometimes I can get

carried away enjoying my family and the kids tell me, “Enough daddy.” I

remember hearing my son asking, “What’s wrong with my father? He wakes

up happy all the time.”

My 1st job at the church was as a janitor, I sang bass in the Voices of Victory

under the directorship of, now 1st Lady, LaVerne Jones and I was taught to

play the drums by then deacon, now Bishop Jerry Jones. From there, GOD

continued to bless me to work as the director and founder of the Sons of

Victory Men’s Choir, Minister of Music, Adult and Mass Choir Director, Bus

Driver, Deacon and Assistant Head Deacon.

In February of 2010 GOD called me into the preaching ministry under my late pastor, Bishop Dr. Reese Price Jr. In April of 2010 Bishop Price released me into the ministry and four months later, we lost our beloved pastor. January 9, 2011 I was given my opportunity to preach my 1st sermon, “Thorns In My Flesh” under my current pastor, District Elder Robert McKinstry to whom I am forever grateful. To GOD be all the glory and to Him all honor is due.

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